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Our Grosslehen SPA-philosophy consists of the Indian Ayurveda theorie. This theorie contains treatments for body, heart and sole. Also yoga is a big part of Ayurveda.

Body Treatments
Calm, peace and joy
Back & Foot
Pristhabhyanga - back massage

The Pristhabhyanga takes the burden off the shoulders and back. Together with the soothing strokes and an integrated pressure point massage, a so-called Marma therapy, this application helps to relieve tension in the back, neck and shoulder area. Using special vital point friction, congestion is released from the tissue, a liberated lightness is noticeable, and strength and energy flow through the spine again. 50 minutes

Padabhyanga – Ayurvedic foot massage

It is an extremely effective massage with special grips and strokes on the feet, calves and knees. The areas mentioned are gently massaged and kneaded with warm oil and vitalized through integrated Marma therapy. The Padabhyanga has a very calming and balancing effect, including headaches, sleep disorders, nervousness and feeling cold. without foot bath - duration approx. 40 minutes with foot bath - duration approx.

50 minutes

rest room bed and lamps
Head and Face
Shiroabhyanga – head application

Give your head a break and free yourself from mental overload. The head is first anointed using pure, natural oil, and the subsequent soothing head massage invigorates the scalp and has a positive effect on the head organs. The application strengthens the mind and the senses, it leads to deep inner peace and relaxation, and it gives you the strength to cope with everyday life more easily.

50 minutes


Mukabhyanga - facial treatment

Facial treatment is one of the most beautiful treatments in Ayurveda. In addition to its rejuvenating and beautifying effect, it has a great influence on the mental life as well as on the eyes, ears and nose. It eliminates stress and worries, inspires the spirit, sharpens the senses and helps to restore inner balance. A facial treatment that includes not only the face, but also the head, neck, décolleté and chest area. 80 minutes

rest room with candle
Pregnancy and Baby
Pregnancy treatment

According to the ancient traditions of Ayurveda, oil applications should have a permanent place in the period before and after birth. The special oil treatments have a strong influence on the development and manifestation of the growing human being and positively influence the physical, mental and emotional balance of the mother. When used during pregnancy, the body is massaged with gentle touches and the joints, legs, feet and especially the back relax wonderfully.

50 minutes

Baby massage

With Ayurvedic baby massage, the baby experiences a feeling of security and warmth through gentle touching and stroking. The treatment strengthens the circulation, the immune system and promotes digestion and weight gain. The baby feels accepted, loved and empowered.

40 minutes

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Massage in your four Grosslehen walls

Enjoy a relaxing Ayurveda massage in your luxury chalet. Our masseuse Monika would be happy to come to your chalet.

Private SPA at your chalet

Namaste at Grosslehen


Inhale. Exhale.

Yoga is also part of the Ayurveda healing art and is practiced weekly at the Hotel & Chalets Grosslehen.

Enjoy relaxing hours and energizing asanas in your wellness hotel in Fieberbrunn.

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