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Our team in the **** Hotel Chalets Grosslehen in Fieberbrunn

Family-owned for generations

From an ordinary farm to a 4-star hotel

Holding fast to tradition as well as being open to the new

The Hotel Chalets Grosslehen Resort has belonged to the Geisl family for generations. Originally just a farm, the addition of the Gasthof expanded the business to thus be able to also offer accomodation.Holding on to tradition at the same time as being open to the new is one of our secrets. We hold our love of nature and the mountains deeply within us and want to pass on this passion to our guests.

Considerate, level-headed, friendly, countryfied – that is what we are and that is what your holiday in Grosslehen in Fieberbrunn should be!  

Hotel owners

Markus Geisl

Markus is most probably to be found with his much loved animals or on his tractor, when he's not at work in the kitchen.

Bettina Geisl

Through her absolute commitment an life blood Bettina holds the reins and the hotel.

Our senior lady-of-the-house

To sit back and relax are not on Vroni‘s agenda, at 80+ she‘s still stirring the pots and pans.



The good fairy in the house, with an eye for the right decorations.


Perhaps a special glass? Our sommèliere Hannah is here to advise.


Whether early or late risers Annemarie is here to take care of you.


With a smile on her lips Antonija fulfills your wishes at the table.


Perhaps a boiled egg? Or another cup of coffee? Our Johanna is here to bring your morning wishes.


Always positive and with a smile on her face Simone can even brighten a rainy day.



Sweeps and keeps clean in every corner.

House technic


If a hand is needed in service, on the farm or around the house, Elias is our man.

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